Saturday, September 21, 2013

Health and Fitness

For the last year or so I haven't spent much time reading blogs, or posting for that matter, but I did see a post today from a lady questioning whether or not it was important to try and share information about health and fitness, even if you don't see much interest from others.  Her post is what prompted my post today.  I am sorry for neglecting the blog, but I hope to remedy that by sharing what's been going on around here for the last year that has taken up so much of our time.

While I would love to blame all my distractedness on my adorable little grandson (and I have spent as much time as possible on and with him), that wouldn't really be the truth.  For the last 14 months I have been on a mission of sorts; first to change my own health, and second to change that of my family's.  We are seeing some great results, so I'm ready to share our journey.  I hope to start being a bit more regular with the blog posts in order to continue sharing how we are transforming our lives.

Since I haven't posted many pictures that showed much of myself on here, I should start by telling everyone that I was extremely overweight and had been for years.  I was actually skinny as a child, but I started gaining weight shortly after hitting puberty, and by the time I graduated high school was 40-50 lbs overweight.  After high school I gained a bit more over the next three years because I had desk jobs and wasn't particularly active anymore.  Then came marriage and children.  Although I never gained much weight during any of my pregnancies, I certainly gained quite a lot between them, eventually exceeding 340 lbs.  I don't know for sure what my highest weight may have been, but the highest I ever saw on a scale was 344 lbs.  I suspect I was a bit larger than that at one point, but I (understandably) avoided scales like the plague when I was that large.  I maintained that weight for 11 years after the birth of my last child. 

Many people have asked if it was issues with my own health prompted the change I ultimately undertook, but it wasn't really that.  Although I was (I would say extremely,) morbidly obese, the few times my blood pressure had been checked during those 11 years, it was always in the normal range, and I wasn't diabetic.  In fact, I was generally pretty healthy (for someone that overweight), rarely even getting sick.  But, I was sadly out of shape; I couldn't even walk up my driveway without getting out of breath and my size impacted most everything I did.  I managed to accomplish the everyday activities that were necessary, but there wasn't a lot of additional activities I would get involved with that required much extra effort.

Last July, just a month after Ri's marriage, I was sitting in on one of my hubby's doctors appointments when I felt God was impressing on me the fact that I needed to improve my health in order to better care for my husband.  I may have mentioned it before on this blog, but my hubby is an incomplete quadriplegic with several health issues.  Shortly after the appointment I was still thinking on the issue of my weight/health with regard to my ability to aid in his future care when it occurred to me that I had been shortchanging my younger children because I had never been as active with them as I had been with the older two when they were younger.  My entire family had been suffering the results of my weight and would continue to do so if I didn't do something about it.  It was time to change.  Arguably past time, but we can't go back now can we?

I will share the process over the next few posts, but for now we'll just skip ahead to where we are currently.  Using the highest weight I'd ever seen on scale as my starting point, to date I've lost 134 lbs.  That's right.  In the last 14 months I've lost over 130 lbs.  I won't even begin to go over all the measurement changes right now, but suffice it to say that I've lost more than three feet of myself.  In addition, some of my children have also lost some weight (though most of them weren't all that much over "ideal"), and the family is gaining better health overall. 

Although I will share details of what I have and haven't done, and why I made the choices I did in subsequent posts, I will reassure you that there is no magic trick, or pill, or powder, or miracle diet that has brought about the changes, even though they are exceptional.  There is some science behind it, and I will certainly share that later, but it really does boil down to eating well (truly well and not just our current version of "healthy") and getting your backside off the sofa a little more often.

So come back on occasion to check out future posts about how I've managed to improve my health so drastically over the last year, and I'll do my best to keep these posts coming a bit more regularly.
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