Monday, October 11, 2010

Stoping to admire the beauty

One of the blogs I follow recently wrote a post that reminded me to stop an enjoy some of the beauty along life's journey.  I get so busy that I forget to look at, let alone really enjoy all the beauty around me. We are currently trying to get some projects, along with a bunch of cleaning, and some decorating done for a huge 90th birthday party for Grandma next month. (Of course, this doesn't include all the regular chores, errands, and schooling. :D) I do enjoy putting up fall decorations, more so than any other.  In fact, except for Christmas, I guess I don't really decorate any other time of the year; unless you count picking flowers for the table as they grow. There's just something about fall though. I love all the pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and acorns used in fall decor. Maybe it's just because fall is my favorite time of the year. 
I hope I'll be able to remember to put up some photos of the decorations the girls and I will put out.

But enough about work!  This post is about beauty!  Focus!! (Don't you talk to yourself? Please say yes - if only to help me believe I'm not crazy.)
You may remember this photo I posted awhile back, showing
the climbing black-eyed susan, vining up my shepherds crook.
I thought it was so cute.  I guess I haven't been paying much
attention to it lately, because.....
this is what it looks like now.  I know that hummingbird
is still in there somewhere.
The tomato plant that I thought was so pretty as it started
growing over onto the deck has also gotten quite a bit larger.
It's under the swing now, but still producing tomatoes
A lone marigold blossom is lovely in it's simplicity.
One of the climbing black-eyed susan blossoms.
The pinapple sage has also started blooming; adding one last touch
of color to a garden that's finishing up for the year.
Hummingbirds love these little flowers.

Then there's all the beauty you can't really get a picture of.
One of your children singing a song just for you, or climbing on your lap to cuddle; making your favorite breakfast, or trying to keep their siblings quite because they know you need a nap. It's hearing one of your older children sitting down to read a story to their younger sisters, or having one of them come up with a "great idea" and watching all the others get excited and join in on the action. It's hearing the children go in to read, or talk to their great-grandmother; watch a movie or TV, or just take some project they're working on in the room with her, just to be with her for a little while.
Sometimes the beauty we really need to pay attention to along life's path is the love we express toward one another. 
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  1. Becky this is sooooo beautiful. I love the beauty you have describe true beauty from your precious children and that beauty found in nature I love it!

    I talk to myself,so if your are crazy I am tooo!

    Have a most beautiful day. xxxx

  2. Thanks.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one.