Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just call me a slacker.

Well I haven't really been slacking off in general. I've been very busy, too busy even for crock pot cooking. Actually, just too busy to go grocery shopping, which is pretty necessary even for crock pot cooking. Also, there were several evenings (including last night) where at least half of us weren't home. This makes a difference because I buy meat in bulk and separate it into packages with at least enough to feed 7, more often with enough to feed 9. It's just a waste to make all that food when only 4 people are there.

All that being said - there's no crock pot recipe this week either. But I do promise to have one next week. I'll be using the slow cooker to help with food for our summer birthday party.

But, I have a consolation gift - of sorts. One of the things that kept me hopping this week was wedding plans (yes, they have a tenative date of next June - I may have said that before, but I can't remember), more specifically, shopping for Ri's wedding dress. Ri's best friend, and maid of honor spent almost a week with us and we used part of that time for dress shopping and other wedding plans. My procrastination prone family thinks we're a little nuts, but I plan on making this as stress free as possible by taking everything slow and easy, a little at a time, and with plenty of time for corrections if things go wrong, and they always do. So what's the consolation gift you ask? Well, Lys took pictures of most of the dresses Ri tried on and they posted a couple of them to a new photography blog they just opened. If you go check out December Roses you can get a peak of Ri in two of the dresses - not the one she picked of course, not even one of the ones in the final running (can't give Superman any glimpses), but a couple of them that she liked. The bridal dress photos are the last two in the post. Just so you don't think you're crazy, yes, the jacket and dress in the second photo are different colors. They didn't have an ivory jacket in stock to try on.
So go see my baby trying on wedding dresses, and for the record, no, I didn't cry. I didn't even sniffle. Buttoning up the hundreds of buttons on the back of the first one she tried on would have rid me of that desire had it ever been there to begin with. Thankfully, the one she picked has a zipper.
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  1. Starting now definatly isn't a bad idea...less stress more fun! The new blog is lovely and your gift is acceptable. Completely understand... definatly not a slacker. Love ur new blog design!

  2. Thank you. Ri did a great job on the design.
    And I agree, having more time will allow us to enjoy it more.