Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, there you go.

T.Lynn has an aversion to taking a shower. She always has. It's not that she minds water. Any water she's playing in is fine, and she likes getting in the jetted tub, it's just bathing she has an aversion to. Don't get me wrong. She really dislikes being dirty, and can't stand having sticky hands, but if she doesn't feel dirty, she doesn't want a bath.
Last night I was trying to get her in the shower and she had more than her usual arguments against it. She has a cold and was trying to convince me that standing for the length of time required to take a shower would just be too exhasusting. I did my best to change her mind by telling her how taking a shower makes you feel better when you're sick. I told her the steam would help her stuffy nose. In the end, I nixed all further discussion and sent her for her shower. She returned to the sewing room a bit later, with her hair wrapped in a towel and a frown on her face.

"All that shower did was get me clean!"

Oh the horror. :D

She was highly put out.  On the other hand, Ri and I were more than a little amused.

BTW - If you have a child that has tons of reasons why she/he shouldn't take showers, you may not want them watching any documentaries on America's aging infrastructure. One look at the inside of a badly clogged water main and your child may have a reaction similar to T.Lynn's. Her comment?

"See that pipe? I knew we shouldn't take baths. Hobos are cleaner than us!"
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