Friday, March 5, 2010

The Ickies

But, it could be worse.  They could be throwing up.  Some of the comments on another blog I read were talking about this very thing.  How little it sometimes takes to make a mother happy - case in point - no throwing up.  Sniffles, coughs, headaches, etc., it's all okay, as long as there's no throwing up in the picture.  Not that I can't handle it, I can.  I doesn't even make me want to throw up, but it's still disgusting, and the quantity of laundry one goes through on one of those weeks is enough to bring the best of us down.
So for now, although people are feeling cruddy, all is still good.



  1. Uffda.. hope they feel better soon. Love to hear about your kids! Mine are just fine too; I'll keep 'em.

  2. Sorry to read that your family aren't well this week Becky. Hope all recover soon. Vomiting and worse, the other end! can be hard to handle, especially when it goes on through the whole family. I'm afraid I am one who tends to start throwing up when the kids do, even if I hear the wretching. My one weak area in the sickness and blokkd department.
    Have a good weekend, too.

  3. Thanks ladies. They are getting better.