Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow, snow, snow,....

A few hours ago - trust me, it's deeper now.

Yep, snowing again.  That makes the 5th this winter.  One wasn't much of anything, kind of typical for around here, and one snowed a lot, but at least melted off the roads quickly; also more typical for this area.  Then there were our two really big snow storms; lots of snow and very cold temps that kept it from melting off secondary roads - read, big headaches.  With all this stuff coming down and lower than normal temps, we've had parking lots with piles of snow in them since before Christmas.  Definately a memorable year.   For the last one, the girls could only dredge up enough excitement to throw a couple of bowls out on the deck to catch snow for snow cream, they didn't really want to play in it.  This time they all whined when they heard the forcast last week, and would be complaining more right now, but they are stuck inside with head colds, and not feeling up to much anyway.  Well, 3 are sick, the other 2 are much appreciated helpers, and nobody even thought about snow cream this time.  I'll think they've had their fill for at least a couple of years.

I haven't abandoned my plans for menus, I just couldn't do it this week; too busy looking for different varieties of chicken soup.  Ri insists that chickens must hate us by now.  It's a good thing I stocked up on whole birds when they went on sale last month.  :D


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