Friday, July 23, 2010

Closing the Laundry Room Door

It happens.  We all get behind on occasion and I am certainly no exception.  With everything thats been happening the last, oh, 6mos. or so, most of the laundry duties have fallen to the girls (mostly Kay).  I've told them when to put in loads, transfer loads, fold loads, etc, but I've not actually done much of it myself.  So the inevitable happened.  Laundry wasn't getting finished, things were being dried that shouldn't be (hey, I'm guilty of that once or twice myself), some of the whites were on the dingy side, and the laundry room was a complete disaster.  But, something always comes along that will force our hand when we're procrastinating.  For me it was having a brand new, white tee-shirt come out of the wash with a mysterious, dark blue stain (too much blueing in the wash??), follow up closley by a new red skirt washed with a load of darks - you can guess where I'm going with that.  Thankfully, some fabrics attract dye better than others and one of my old work dresses apparently  has that ability, so no big losses.  At any rate, my hand was forced and I marched in there Tuesday morning on a mission.  I pulled everything I could out of the laundry room (it's like a large closet - enough room for the washer, dryer, and some baskets/bins for laundry, but you can't really get in there and walk around), sorted the laundry that was there and started washing. Since it was the day for milk, and I was going to be gone all day, I asigned one of the girls the task of getting behind the machines and pulling out everything that had fallen back there.  I also wanted the machines wiped down and the floor swept and mopped.  I started back on the washing as soon as I got home.  Wed. morning I called for all laundry, anywhere to be brought down, and worked on that around tutoring, Beenie's guitar lessons and errands.  Thurs. I started on all the bedding.  By bed time I was pulling the last of the laundry, a load of delicates, out of the washer to hang dry on a rack in the sun room overnight. During this 3 day laundry marathon, the laundry room doors were never closed.  So, it was with great satisfaction (and one more glance at the empty laundry baskets) that the last thing I did before going to bed last night was to close the laundry room doors. 



  1. Laundry is one thing that never ends, but a three day marathon! I'm sure you must have been so relieved to close those doors and see the empty baskets knowing a job was well completed, until......

  2. Oh yes!! It was so nice to see those empty baskets. Things are still neat and orderly, even though there is more laundry in there now, so I'm still satisfies with it.