Thursday, July 8, 2010

A New Species of Butterfly in My Garden

She was spotted with T.Lynn at the zucchini.

Meet michievous kidus:
Okay, maybe she's not a real butterfly, but she's
even cuter.  She belongs to the cousin I tutor.
The girls watch her while I teach him.  Yesterday
she found these wings that came on a my size doll
T.Lynn has. T. was trying to help her handle
the veggie plants carefully.

And now for some flowers!



The painted lady (bean) is starting to show color.

All right, the veggies aren't the only things flowering.


I don't really know what this is.  I didn't keep
track of everything I planted as seed.

I don't know what this is either.
So far that's all that's blooming, but
some other things have come up.
We'll see what we get.

These came with Superman on Ri's birthday.


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