Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Thumbs up for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

In my post about gardening and pantry organization, I mentioned having little success with the Amish Paste tomatoes I grew this year. After the post, I decided to e-mail Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, which is where I purchased them, and let them know of the problems I had. I wasn't looking for a refund, or anything else really, but I figured that any company with integrity may want to know if one of their products was not producing up to par. Since they specialize in heirloom seed I felt they would definately want to know that the seed I had may have been mixed, either due to cross-pollination, or perhaps in packaging. After sending them an e-mail briefly describing the problems I had with the Amish Paste, and assuring them the other seeds I had ordered from them had produced beautifully, I received a very nice reply. They asked more specific details with regard to the unusually shaped tomatoes and asked if I knew the lot # of the seed I'd planted (I had kept the packet). Then they told me they would replace the pack of seeds, even offering me the opportunity to choose another variety if I didn't want to try the Amish Paste tomatoes again. I rarely have need to return anything, and even more seldom complain about a product, but most of the time the response is a little lukewarm at best. I was greatly relieved that they wanted more information about the problem. For a company offering the service they do, it would have been a little disheartening to have received a generic reply to my e-mail.

I look forward to continuing doing business with them. Plus, you really should try their purple calabash tomatoes. They are outstanding.
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