Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hi all!
Normally I like Blogger.  I've only had problems a few times with pictures, or for a little while when I was having trouble with the commenting. I couldn't comment on my own blog without publishing the comment under anonymous - imagine that.

Oh well, I guess we can live with a few bugs now and then.

Right now I'm having problems with my followers list. It shows on my dashboard that I have a few new ones, and I was able to visit one of their blogs before I completely lost the ability to check it, but now it's kind of stuck where it was a couple of months ago.
Normally I like to go visit the blogs my followers have, but I can't do that right now because I can't "see" you in my list, even though you are counted on my dashboard. And I've noticed you are not counted on my sidebar either - go figure.
I'm sorry.  I would love to visit - I've been to one, and would love to go back - but I can't seem to find you. 
I hope whatever bug Blogger is having will be straightened out soon.  I may see if Ri can sort it out when she has the time - for all I know it may be operator error. But she is a little busy with photography school right now, so I'll wait until she has a bit more free time before I drag her in here and ask her to tinker around.

Until then, I have tried to save the ones I can still "see", so I can check out your blogs as time permits.

P.S.  I also have to try to talk her into designing me a Christmas or winter theme for my blog. :D
If you could only see her face when I do.
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  1. I have to use the name/url option when I comment on blogger. Even when I'm logged into blogger it won't let me comment under that blog. But at least this is better then anonymous. :)