Friday, March 9, 2012

And I started off so well.

I managed to get a birthday post made for Beenie on her actual birthday.  I got Kay's in a couple of days late.  I totally missed hubby's (I actually forgot I hadn't mentioned his until I started this post), but he doesn't like a fuss made over his birthday.  I know lots of people say that, but he really doesn't, so I guess forgetting to mention his can be overlooked - I did take him to dinner. :) 
But I also forgot to post about Bree, who's birthday was the first.  I'm so sorry honey.  And for the record, I don't actually forget any of them on their birthday, I just forget to post about it.  So, on to the important part!

Bree is an very talented artist (although she disagrees), and loves a wide variety of things.  She likes to go shoot guns at my dad's, and bows with Ri in the backyard.  She got her own bow and some arrows for her birthday.  She loves to read and cook, and really enjoys taking long walks, usually with Ri.  She's interested in gunsmithing, and likes to play the flute, mess around on the piano, and even plays a song or two on Beenie's guitar.  She is a lovely young lady and we are so blessed to have her. 

So Happy Belated Birthday Bree!!

BTW - I'm making no guarantees about remembering T.Lynn's or Ri's since they are in May and June - which is when my older brother and Ri (respectively) are getting married.
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  1. -Ha. When first I began to blog I got in all the birthdays and things but I too have overlooked some big ones on the blog. Like you, I don't forget on the day to make it special. My youngest is 13 this week!
    Your Bree sounds like a girl of many talents. It will be interesting to see they take her in life.
    Have a good week, Becky.

  2. Thanks! I hope your week is great too.