Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Finished!!!

After much hair-pulling, mostly because of a faulty free motion foot, Beenie's quilt is finally done.
The picture is a little dark, but as usual, my photography skills are a little lacking.
Ri and Bree complained that they were too short.  They had to stand on a bench for this photo.
The entire thing was quilted free motion, which is what drove me crazy for a bit.
I had about 75% of it done when I started breaking threads repeatedly.  I did check the foot, made some adjustments on it and in other parts of the machine, made a small repair inside the machine, and even took it in for servicing, all of which seemed to help short term, but I still ended up with broken threads after sewing for awhile.  I finally switched to my darning foot and didn't have any other problems, so I have to assume that the problem was with the free motion foot.  Wish I had thought of that sooner.  But oh well, the machine really did need a little TLC.   I put it through a good work out on a pretty regular basis.

So now that I'm done with this one I can focus on Ri's, along with several things for the wedding.
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  1. Nice! Love the way some or larger and some smaller! Kind of abstract!