Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ri's wedding.

Well, the first courtship for our family ended even more beautifully than it started.
She is a lovely, Christian, young woman, eager to be an exemplary wife, and he is a true Christian gentleman, and equally eager to be a wonderful husband.   

Here are a few preliminary shots of Ri's wedding.
Of course, we don't have the pictures from the photographer yet.  These are just some shots taken by family members, but I really couldn't wait to share.  
The walk back down the aisle as the new Mrs. M.
This was the arrangement that was with the cake.
It didn't look a thing like this when we picked it up from the florist.  This is how we did want it to look, but when we picked it up, it was way too tall (even after I said something and the florist cut it down some), and had a bunch of other flowers and stuff in there we didn't want.  Thankfully, I had ordered extra sunflowers (just in case), so I took out what we didn't want, cut all the rest of it down and re-arranged it.
I don't have a close up of the cake yet (that's assuming the photographer got one), but the dark band at the bottom was green modeling chocolate that I rolled out and pressed on a patterned fondant mat to look as though it had vines pressed into it.  Then I added dark green, matte powder and green, pearl powder (both edible of course) to give it some depth.  Overall, I thought it turned out okay.
The icing was smoothed buttercream.  We don't like fondant.
This is kind of an odd angle.  It makes the photos look as though they were far away, but they weren't.
BTW - Ri doesn't mind showing her face on the blog.  I just don't do it for my other children (and didn't initially for her) because I feel as though they should be able to make the decision for themselves whether or not their face is on the internet once they are grown.
They each had nine photos ranging from baby to adult in these frames.
The Mr. & Mrs. sign, next to the Willow Tree he gave her, was on the cake the ladies from the church served at their pounding.
Lovely, don't you think?
Don't worry, the dark line across the bottom of the dress is just a reflection on the glass.
And here they are leaving the reception.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. M.!
She is so beautiful.

I'm in the light green dress on the right. The wind was blowing my direction, so the bubbles kept coming back at me. :)

I'll post better photos as soon as I get some.
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  1. Beautiful...just beautiful! All your planning and hard work paid off . You must be so pleased. May the Lord bless the happy couple abundantly!

    1. I am very pleased, thank you. She is beautiful inside and out, and he is such a thoughtful, loving young man. They are both dedicated to following God and have already established a set devotion time in their home. I am so happy for them.