Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things are coming together.

We have two of these frames - his and hers.  I liked this much more than a bulletin board.
  They have little clothes pins on them and will hold 9 pictures.  We've chosen pics that range from baby to fairly recent and have them glued to post card weight paper so the photos won't curl while they're pinned up.
We've also made copies of all the grandparents they grew up with, but have passed on, and have them framed and ready to go on the remembrance table.  The large photos of Ri and Superman have been printed and framed, and the one of them together, that will be used in the large autograph frame they've chosen to use in place of a guest book, are all finished as well.
One of the three apothecary jars, and what we'll be turning into a small terrarium. 
A clock shaped like an old camera that I just couldn't resist getting for Ri, and a small, rusty lantern that will go on the remembrance table.
A large lantern and several of the pots, many of which have already been planted.  
Just a couple more plants to pot, a bit of sewing, and about three more projects to complete, then we'll be left with nothing but food to think about next week.

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  1. You have some lovely stuff collected there. Sounds as though you are very organised for the big day!

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty well organized, but there are always things that come up. Superman's sister went into preterm labor so that threw us behind on finishing his mom's dress because she couldn't come for a fitting 'til after the baby arrived (after attempts to stop the labor failed). BTW - the baby is quite small, but seems to be pretty healthy.