Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Shower

It's a very busy time of year.  What with Mother's Day, and all the graduation services we've been invited to, we've certainly had a lot to do, but our chief concern was Ri's baby shower.  It wasn't exactly a typical baby shower, but that's just how we do things.  Dr. Seuss was the theme for our party, and all family members (as opposed to just women and girls) were welcome. 
The street sign from "The Lorax" welcomed everyone at the corner of the sidewalk and the driveway.
And the Onc-ler's sign greeted them at the front door.
We had to clear out the garage in order to set up extra tables for the food and all the guests, but brown Bar-ba-loots graced the door that led into the garage.
The Onc-ler himself hung above the freezer in the garage, where we served the food.
And Truffula trees, along with Swomee Swans, decorated the wall behind the cake table.
Now don't go thinking we only used "The Lorax" for our inspiration.
What Dr. Seuss party would be complete without the Cat in the Hat?
From "There's a Wocket in my Pocket", we had Nupboards for the cupboards,
and we found ways to incorporate many of the other books as well.
The napkins had the Cat's hat, and the plates were, of course, from "One Fish, Two Fish".
Instead of the normal baby shower games, we had things like Dr. Seuss trivia, which included questions from many of the books, a two legged, Thing One and Thing Two race (only the children volunteered for this one), and an observation game where folks had to locate all the Sneetches' beach balls that were placed around the house and garage.
Food included things like, (from "The Grinch")Rare Who Roast Beast (roast beef - we had cheese and rolls too, so everyone could make their own sandwich), Grin-itch Spinach dip ("What Was I Scared Of?"), Truffula fruit salad ("The Lorax), Truffula seeds (candy coated, chocolate covered, sunflower seeds), Who pudding ("The Grinch"), and of course...
Green Eggs, and Ham.
(BTW, please excuse the dirty wall - it is a garage.)
Moose juice and Goose juice ("The Sleep Book") were lime sherbert punch, and pinapple/apple/orange juice punch.
The cake incorporated elements from "One Fish, Two Fish", "The Sneetches", and "The Cat in the Hat".
Many, many, many thanks go out to my sweet Bre because she painted every one of the decorations.  Isn't she just incredible?
She even made all the decorations for the cake.  I just baked and iced it.  All the detail work was solely due to her talent.
Decor and food were not all that screamed Dr. Seuss.  Although you can't see it well, Ri's shirt reads, "Future Thing" with an arrow pointing to her belly, and she got a couple of little onsies with "Cutest little Thing on Earth" on them.
Can you tell we really like Dr. Seuss?
She received a lot of wonderful gifts and everyone had a great time.  Now we're just anxiously awaing the arrival.  Signs are good that we shouldn't have to wait much longer.

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  1. Beatiful job! You have put so much thought and creativity into this shower. How long now?

  2. Thanks so much!
    Her due date is June 3rd, so not too much longer. :)