Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Do

Awhile back I told about how I had made some homemade barbeque sauce one day when a recipe called for some, but I had none in the house.  Well, it was time to give a go at another frequently used condiment.

It was all as yellow as the top looks.  I think
the reflection off the jar made it look whiter.
We get eggs from a family at church who
truly have free rage chickens, so our egg
yolks are a really deep yellow.

I've actually made mayonnaise before, but the first time I followed the 'Nourishing Traditions' recipe to a T and didn't really like the results. It recommended olive oil (but said you could use expeller-expressed sunflower oil), and calls for dijon mustard.  It was too olivey (real word?) for me and I didn't really like the mustard flavor.  Since I don't like mustard this isn't a surprise, but I thought that with the small amount called for I may not be able to taste it.  I was wrong.  I went online and tried to find other recipes for mayo, but almost all of them call for mustard in some form.

This time I just plunged right in and tried it my way, which is the 'Nourishing Traditions' recipe without the mustard and using cold pressed sunflower oil. Oh, and minus the whey this time because I didn't have any left.

For anyone who's curious here's what I did:
1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk at room temperature
1 & 1/2Tbls lemon juice
generous pinch of salt
3/4c. cold pressed sunflower oil

Put the eggs, lemon juice and salt in a blender and blend on high for a few seconds.  Then with the blender running on high add in the oil in a VERY thin stream.  And when I say very thin stream, I mean it falls to a dribble about half the time.  I let it blend for a few more seconds after the last of the oil was in and then I put it in a glass jar.  It takes a little while to pour all that oil in so slowly, but it's not at all hard to make. 

I liked these results much better and next time I'll add the 1Tbls of whey the book suggests, although I didn't really need it for it's keeping abilities this time as I'm already out of the homemade mayo.  And the reason I needed it?  Deviled eggs.  They were delicious.



  1. That sounds nice. I do like that slight taste of mustard in the mayo!
    I love how you preserve and cook up so many things. I seem to have gotten a bit slack over the years. I need to get back to basics. Not many mayonnaise lovers here but I may give it a try on a special occasion.

  2. Thanks for the recipe Becky. I have never made my own mayonnaise but I will try this with my daughter, she love mayonnaise.

  3. Your welcome. I hope you enjoy it.