Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canning again - apple pie filling

The last bushel of apples we had were Granny Smith, so we spent the day making apple pie filling.
Ready to go. Apples in the back, syrup mixture
in the front, and hot jars in the oven.
All is said and done, and 25 jars of pie filling are
cooling on the counter. I just love having this handy
anytime we want a quick dessert. It works just
as well for apple crisp as it does for pie.

On another note, we were cleaning out the jelly pantry yesterday (trying to make room for all the jelly and fruit butterI had just made) and I happened to notice the wonderful color of the mixed berry jam I had made earlier this year. The sun was hitting it just right and it was beautiful, so we tried to get a picture of it. This was the best we could get:
It doesn't quite do it justice. It's a bit brighter, and you
can see the little bits of fruit better in person, but here you go.
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