Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The view from my bedroom window...

and some other odds and ends.

These flowers are so pretty right outside my window.  Sometimes I wish I could sit in there more often and enjoy the view.  I suppose the cat will just have to enjoy it for me. The climbing black-eyed susan didn't bloom as much as I'd hoped, but the orange sunflower made up for it. And yes, I mean sunflower, as in singular. That is just one plant. It kind of swallowed up, or rather, smothered the other things planted around it. But that's okay. It single handedly made up for all the blooms the other, squashed plants would have provided. It's long since weighed more than the support could handle, so we just gave up and let it flop over.

See all those beautiful blooms?  The girls have cut flowers from it repeatedly to grace our kitchen table.  There are some, along with a few of the remaining, dark pink zinnias in an old Cheerwine bottle on the table right now. The bright pink and orange make a very pretty arrangement. I should have thought to get a picture, but...oh well, maybe next time. You can just make out one of the small yellow sunflowers we planted in the bottom of the picture, slightly to the right of center. I guess it managed to struggle through.

We're still getting tomatoes.  See that white one?  Yes, I know it looks yellow, but it was classified as a white. At any rate, it's a whopper.

See?  It more than filled my hand - and I have big hands for a woman.  There's another equally big, if not slightly larger one that we're waiting on to ripen. I hope nothing eats on it before it's done. If it stays safe it'll be a beauty.
I said "odds" and ends. This counts as a little odd. Most of you are mothers, so I know you'll know better than to ask why a toy knife is tied to the pull cords for the blinds...right? Yeah, I thought so. I didn't bother to ask either.  I didn't even ask who did it. My hubby on the other hand, did ask.  In fact, he asked me why we had a toy knife tied on the pull cords, so I'm sure the response he got was less than satisfactory. I think it went something along the lines of, "Because we have kids." He also did what I had been rather disinclined to do. He untied it. There's probably some important meaning behind the fact that he took it down, while I only took a picture. Maybe he's a bigger neat freak? (Sounds better than-he's a HUGE fan of stark simplicity.) Maybe I like a little whimsy? (I prefer that to-maybe I was a little lazy.) 
I have no idea where the knife is now, but I'm sure it will turn up. Hey - I was just happy it wasn't one of my kitchen knives. 
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  1. Lovely view for you to wake up to each day! And yes, I have some experience with finding weird, unexplained things around the place.

  2. Beautiful flowers, such a lovely view and your tomatoes look wonderful especial that enormous one!

    I like how you mentioned odds and ends the ends is the mysterious knife?

    Have a beautiful day. xxx

  3. Well, it's the end of the post, but it was a little odd too.