Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Soon - Response to a comment on courtship...but first:

Apple Jelly! Lots of apple jelly!
Apple butter too.
27, 1/2pt jars of jelly - 18 plain and 9 cinnamon,
and 14, 4oz jars of apple butter.

But then...we had a lot of apple juice.
Two of the nearly three gallons of apple juice.
See - I told you it was a pretty pink color.
After boiling it down we still had almost a
gallon and a half of juice; enough for three
big batches of jelly.
The finished jelly.  This is the plain; the
cinnamon is just a bit darker.
I tried to get more light shining through the jar,
but every time I did the light around the jar
washed everything out. Still, you get
a rough idea of the unique color.
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  1. It all looks YUMMY!!!
    I am looking forward to seeing your answer to the courtship comment - Riah showed it to me... :)