Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aprons, among other things.

I've been trying to get some of my sewing projects done, but as with most other stuff, it's gets pieced in as I find the time. I have completed both of T.Lynn's aprons and her shoulder bag.
Froggies. Typical T.Lynn.
She wanted to show off the "all the way through" kangaroo pocket.
And the bow.
She was wearing her bug/lizzard/frog embroidered skirt too.
This is a pinafore style apron. T. loved the pink polka dot/cherry print fabric.
I paired it with some of the red polka dot fabric that was left after making her dress last year.
She wanted to show off the lined pocket. She likes the fact that she has "the pretty
cherry fabric", instead of the backside of the red polka dot fabric. She's all about details.
It wouldn't be complete without a picture of the bow.
Next was her shoulder bag. It's a smaller version of one I made for myself (not in the cherry fabric).
Pardon the monkey pyjamas. I finished it right about the time she was going to bed.
She loved the ladybugs on this ribbon I found in the discount bin at the hobby store.
I assured her it would look fine since the background is pink with white polka dots.
And last, but not least, she wanted to show the big red button at the top.
It matches the button at the top of her pinafore.

I have also done a bit more work on Beenie's quilt and started cutting out the yellow wedges that will form the sunflowers on Ri's quilt. I did complete a skirt that should have been for Beenie, but it ended up for T. because I misunderstood which of Ri's patterns it was that I was supposed to use. Oh well, things happen.
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