Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is in the air.

And that air was sure moving quickly Monday night. Around 2:30am (okay, so I guess it was actually Tuesday) a storm woke me up. That doesn't usually happen. I don't normally wake up during natural disasters(or brass bands for that matter) - just (briefly)for kids that want to sleep with me. Although there was a lot of lightening, it wasn't particulary close to us, so it took a second for me to realize what it was that woke me up. It was the wind. The next day, after seeing all the limbs and trees down and hearing about the tornados that had touched down, we found out that the winds had reached gusts of 90 miles an hour. The sound of it screaming around the eves of the house is what had caused me to wake up. It woke Ri and Bree too, and since the power went out right after they woke up, they went and got Beenie and T.Lynn and had them come in their room for the rest of the night. They thought they might get scared if the storm woke them up and they realized we didn't have power. I had wondered why little people didn't join me during the storm.

We spent today cleaning up the storm fallout. We had to clean everything out of the refigerators that we had not been able to fit in the coolers. We were able to save a good deal out of both refigerators and thankfully, the big freezer is a chest style so it keeps things frozen for quite a while. We didn't lose anything in the big freezer, but we lost all the rest of the okra because it was in the freezer section of the extra fridge and I forgot it was there. While Kay was working on the inside fridge, and Ri and Bree worked on the extra fridge, I went up in the wooded area behind the house while the younger girls and some of the little neighbor girls were playing. One of the girls bumped a tree and a large limb fell, narrowly missing her. I went around to check for loose and broken branches, or limbs that had fallen and gotten stuck in other trees.

I'm grateful that although we did lose power for most of Tuesday, and there's still more clean up to do in the yard, all in all we faired very well.
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  1. Storms can be scary and sometimes wonderful to watch. It is finally beginning to cool down here going into what we loosely call Autumn.

  2. I find lightening fascinating. I used to stand in front of windows when I was little so I could watch it. Mom always chased me away, but when I was grown she admitted that she used to sneak outside during storms because they awed her. None of my children are that interested in them. I seldom have to run them away from windows. Thankfully!