Monday, May 23, 2011

And then the vultures descended.

I made bread today. It's not exactly earth shattering news since we make bread quite often, but today  I made extra bread because I wanted to be able to turn a loaf of bread into croutons. The vultures devoured my last batch at an astonishing rate, so I wanted an entire loaf just to set aside and make into croutons. I wasn't exactly measuring (I know you're shocked) and only two of my loaf pans are standard size, the others are slightly smaller, so I actually ended up with four loaves of bread. That's okay - I was perfectly happy. There would be plenty of bread for everyone to enjoy, and I'd be able to make a big 'ol batch of croutons. It was perfectly timed too. The bread came out of the oven when most of the girls were outside. It would be safe while cooling on the counter, so I was perfectly content to go check my e-mails.

Rookie mistake. I should know better. I mean, come on, my oldest is 21!! How much more expirence do I need at this? I went back to check on the bread, pulled back the oversized flour sack towel, and discovered three beautiful loaves of bread and one heel. The vultures had been at work again, and I hadn't even heard them all come in the house. Actually, all of them never did come in the house; some are still outside. I did hear the door once or twice, during cooking and then after, so I think what happened was that they formulated a recon team to let them know when it was done, and then slip out with some of the booty once it was. Within a few more minutes we were down by another half loaf, and currently only 2 loaves grace my kitchen counter. At this rate I'll have to lock one of the loaves in a closet somewhere if I want to make it into croutons on Wednesday.

"Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts."  - James Beard

I think my daughters would agree with Mr. Beard.
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