Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

10 years ago today we were blessed with our last little one. T.Lynn is very much the baby of the family. Everyone dotes on her; from her sisters, and her PawPaw (my father), to Superman and even my step-brothers. She is still small for her size and everyone is super-protective of her. I can hardly believe she's 10.

We spent the afternoon at the mall (I must have failed somehow - she loves the mall). We went to Build-A-Bear and she built a bunny, named Cinnamon. We now have to take pictures of it and send them to Grandma (my mother) so she can see what Cinnamon looks like. I think T. should be in the pics too, since Grandma would like that almost as much as seeing Cinnamon. :D T. said they were very silly about the heart they put in the bear. Not that the heart was silly, but kissing it and everything else was. At 10, we're just too big for that. After building Cinnamon, we went to our favorite pretzel place (one that makes their pretzels with organic, whole wheat flour - can you beat that?) for a snack before heading back home.

We'll round out the day with one of her favorite suppers, followed by ice cream and cake that her sisters made for her while she and I were out today.

Happy Birthday honey!!
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