Friday, September 9, 2011

Homeschool Meme

Mumma's Place posted this meme the other day and I thought it'd be fun to do.

1) One homschooling book you have enjoyed.
Come on!! When have you ever met a homeschooler that could pick just one book about something?
The first I ever read about homeschooling was Home Grown Kids, by Raymond and Dorothy Moore. I liked that, but there are plenty more I've enjoyed and gleaned wisdom from over the years.

2) One resource you wouldn't be without.
The library. Though if I had a choice of two I'd add in the computer - with internet access of course.

3) One resource you wish you had never bought.
I don't want to speak badly about any curriculum, because they have their place and purposes, but many years ago we did invest in a unit study curriculum that I wish we hadn't spent the money on. I hated the brevity with which each topic was handled and ultimately ended up doing unit studies on my own.

4) One resource you enjoyed last year.
The Hooked on Math we got for T.Lynn.

5) One resource you will be using next year.
We'll be using the Key To Math for Bree this year and I liked using those with the older girls.

6) One resource you would like to buy.
A month ago I would have said a new globe, but I'm getting ready to buy one of those so...

7) One resource you wish existed.
Hummmm. I'm with Ruby here, A full time house keeper - or at least one that could keep up with the laundry, make sure the refigerator stayed clean and corrected all the math drills.

8) One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading.
Now that so much is available online I rarely look through catalogues. Of course I've been doing it so long I know what I like and just limit myself to searching for those things. I used to love looking through a lot of them, but it's easy to go overboard with what you think you'll be able to accomplish when you do that.

9) One homeschooling website you use regularly.
I don't use any of them regularly. I use a few occasionally when I'm looking for something.

10) Tag other homeschoolers.
Anyone who wishes to may do this meme for themselves. :D
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  1. Thanks for joining in, Becky!

  2. Hello? Full time house keeper right now... plus teaching assistant and gardener and chef and baker and official beverage maker... What more do you need?

  3. Your welcome Ruby - I enjoyed it.

    Ok Ri - I'll admit you are a great deal of help. Among other things, you keep the main areas tidy, fill in as substitute teacher, bake tons of really nummy treats (and the occasional supper) and make a REALLY great pot of coffee. You have to stay forever! Care to correct next week's drill pages??