Monday, September 5, 2011

Doing nothing is exhausting.

I did it. I managed to do nothing today. Well, almost nothing. I did have to run out to the store for a couple of things. Okay - so I didn't actually have to go to the store, but I was kind of bored and we could benefit from getting some lunch meat and cheese from the deli, so...

Anyway, I slept in horribly late today, and other than going to the store I have done absolutely nothing except pick up the dirty clothes from the bathroom floor - but that's just a habit. I do that every morning.

And you know what? I'm tired. I want to take a nap and I have a horrible headache. Doing nothing kind of stinks. I broke down a minute or two ago and took a pain killer and when I'm done with this I plan to go do something - anything. I've about had my fill of doing nothing.
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  1. Obviously your busy little body is just not accustomed to it, Becky!
    Hope you are feeling great now and ready to take on the world.

  2. I am feeling much better. And though I may keep pretty busy, I'm definately not little. :D