Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY - Bridal Shower Invitations

Since Ri's favorite flower is the sunflower, and those will be the main flower at her wedding, we decided to use that same theme in her bridal shower.  Her Maid of Honor, who is primarily responsible for the shower, told me about seeded paper, and suggested we find a way to use it for the shower.  I'd never heard of such a thing, but I looked it up and loved the idea.  I wondered if it was possible to use sunflower seeds (they are rather big) so I kept looking around until I found a company that did make seeded paper with miniature sunflower seeds.  The paper is kind of pricey, but it isn't going to be a huge shower and we could cut the paper in half to make it more, invitation size anyway, so that way, the price wasn't too bad.  Then we got a few stamps, a couple of brown inks, and set to work.
I just loved this stylized sunflower stamp.
Clicking on the pic will give you an unblurry view.
The stamps make it all so easy.  Just fill in the blank.
Look at all those little seeds.
We also found these cute stamps.  Ri loved this saying, and the dress.
Nearly done.  We just had to fill in the info., and put planting instructions for the paper on the back.
I measured the finished card to see what size envelope to use and ordered some from a place online that allowed small quantities.  Hey, I didn't need a whole box of A2, avocado green envelopes, but the green did set the yellow invite off really well, so we wanted that instead of plain white.

Making the invitations was a lot of fun.  Her Maid of Honor was up for a week and we had a good time making these and trying out food for the bridal shower and reception.  One of Ri's other friends came for a couple of days during Lys' stay, and we decorated the favor boxes with her and Lys.  I hope to put up photos and instructions for that soon.  They turned out so well.

It's getting close.  
Bridal shower in less than two weeks (and I'm trying furiously to get her quilt done by then), and then her wedding will be 7 weeks after that.  With time out in the middle for my brother's wedding.  Whew!!
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  1. They look so beautiful and classy- Love the dress stamp!

  2. What pretty invitations!


  3. You've made gorgeous invitation there. I hope all the little details are coming together for this wonderful occasion.

    1. Oh yes, things are going along splendidly. And thank you for the compliment.