Monday, April 30, 2012

Ri's Bridal Shower and Quilt

Saturday has come and gone, and with it, the first ever bridal shower for one of my girls.  We had a great time.  Lys, her Maid of Honor, was in charge of planning, inviting guests, and decorating, and I provided the food.  Not to say Lys, and the other girls didn't help prepare the food, they certainly did.
The pics look a little blurry in the post, but will look much nicer if you click on them. 
Lys wanted to play up sunflowers since they will be in the wedding, so there is plenty of yellow and green. The girls worked very hard to get all the decorations up since the ceiling is so high and we don't have a ladder.
A small table was set up in the sunroom for the punch. This gorgeous old punch set was borrowed from my mom, and Bree painted the stemmed glasses.  They are so cute.  My mom, Lys, the groom's mother, and I each got to keep one, and Ri will get the other eight for her new home.
The girls used the bistro table, and my jewlery box to display the favors.
All the favor boxes were decorated differently.  I'll show how they did those in the next post.
The favor boxes had a trio of sunflower seeds in them; candy coated, chocolate covered seeds(in yellow, green, and brown), toffee coated seeds (Ri and Lys made those), and roasted, salted sunflower seeds.
There was plenty of food.  
M & M's are in the tall, stemmed glasses as a play on her new initials. 
We had little, drawstring organza bags available so folks could take some home with them.
Of course, we had some of Ri's favorites, like stuffed strawberries,
strawberry cupcakes with strawberry, cream cheese icing,
(can you tell she likes strawberries?)
and cookie dough dip.
There were also plenty of candles,
(Bree painted this holder too)
to go along with all the sunflowers.
They choose a few games to play, a couple of which left us in stitches.  
Now we just have to find a place to store all her gifts until close to the wedding, when we plan on going over to Superman's home to help her set everything up they way she would like.
And here's her quilt.  
As I mentioned before, I did manage to get it finished just before she got home from the girls' visit with my mom, so she didn't see it completed until her shower on Saturday.
I did an all over, swirly stipple for the background of the top, hoping to set off the flowers.  
I in-lined the petals, and quilted a flower pattern in each brown center.  Don't pay too much attention to the not-quite-straight lines.  From a distance it looks great. :D
Then I did a serpentine, open feather pattern for the border.
I think it turned out all-right.
T.Lynn's gift to her sister was a decorative pillow to go along with the quilt.  I used some of the extra pieces to make the top, then T. helped make the back (which is designed so Ri can take the case off to wash it), helped program my machine to write out, "Sisters are best friends you can never lose.  Love T....."(which she came up with herself), stitched that on, and then sewed on the button that holds the flap closed on the back. 
She did a great job. 
I'll have to try and re-locate the quilted, denim, scrap rug that Beenie made for her sister, so I can post pics of that later.  It's somewhere in the mass of gifts that we currently have sitting on, and around the hearth, just 'til we can find room elsewhere for them.
All-in-all, it was a wonderful day.
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  1. Sweet! That quilt is beautiful! The party decorations look really nice. I love strawberries too. Even before I was born according to Mom. :)

    1. Thank you very much. Overall, I was quite pleased with how the quilt turned out. And I agree with you about the decorations. Lys, did a great job planning out and doing most of the prep work on all the decor, and then Kay, Bree, Beenie, T.Lynn, Lys' sister, and my very-soon-to-be sister in-law, all worked to get it done while we sent Ri out to the library and running errands so she could be surprised.

  2. Just found you through the Barn Hop and am poking around at your sewing posts. This Dresden Plate is gorgeous!! I can't believe you only have one comment on it! My mother made me a LeMoyne Star for my wedding quilt 13 years ago, and it has been on our bed all these years, through every season (mostly because I haven't gotten around to quilting any of the tops I've pieced to replace it - they just get stashed under the bed). Love your blog, great graphics and colors! I'm hooked. :)

    1. Thanks so much; I'm glad you stopped by. I was rather pleased with how well the quilt turned out. I may have gotten more comments if I hadn't stuck it at the end of the bridal shower post, but...
      Thanks for the compliments on the blog design too. My lovely daughter Ri is responsible for that.