Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday T.!!

A big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby.  T.Lynn turned 11 today and we marked the occasion with a trip to play mini golf, bumper boats, and arcade games.  We had a great time, and finished off the day with her requested birthday dinner of macaroni and cheese with bacon, fresh cut veggies, and the requisite cake and ice cream.  
When you look around all the goofing off and clowning, you can see glimpses of the fine little lady she's turning into.  She does love to make people laugh though, and she has a rather quirky way of looking at things that keeps us in stitches on a regular basis.  She is also very affectionate.  As I type this, I have two labels (she has a fondness for my label maker) stuck to my monitor, telling anyone who cares to read them that she loves her mommy.
I love you so much honey - Happy Birthday!!
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