Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally Fixed It... crock pot.  It's one of the best I've ever had, but there appears to be a design flaw:

Yep - it's missing the handle to the lid (just
ignore the schoolwork on the table - and the
fact that someone must have turned it off last
time by pulling the plug from the wall).

I've seen others like this without their lid handles as well.  I'm just glad mine lasted longer that the last person I saw with one; their's had only lasted a couple of months.
Anyway, I finally got tired of dropping the lid in the pot.  I was going to replace it with a small wooden drawer pull we had in one of the tool boxes, but hubby found this large one at the hardware store when we took the weedeater in for service last week.

Of course, it wasn't red.  I bummed some paint off Bree (our resident artist in training), and mixed a couple of colors in order to match the pot.

All done, and looking like it was made that
way...if I do say so myself :D



  1. Very inovative. May she cook many a yummy meal for you and yours!

  2. Oh my.. mixing paint and everything to match! That's impressive! I haven't been here in a while--nice to be back. We only have 3 weeks left of our school year, so we are almost breathing a sigh of relief.

  3. Way to go. We're a little behind since I was so busy after my step-father passed away, so we won't be finished until the first part of June.