Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gearing Up

I'm so excited.  We've got so many things that are about to go on here.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we're having the siding and deck pressure washed next week - Monday I hope, but they are calling for a 40% chance of isolated showers, so we'll see.  I really hope it doesn't rain.  Then we're staining/sealing the deck, refurbishing some of the stuff on the front porch, reworking the front beds, putting in the garden bed(s), reorganizing and cleaning the garage, doing some minor, touch-up cosmetic work in the house (read-fix a couple of dings the kids have put in the wall in the dining room, and fixing the place where someone tripped in the bathroom and pulled out the towel rack), spring cleaning the inside, replacing one of the outside faucets (this is mandatory as someone re-attached the hose at some point during the winter and the faucet coupling busted when it froze), replacing the mower blades so the yard doesn't look like someone chewed it up after it's been mowed, and (hopefully) sprucing up the mailbox; it's pretty "plain Jane" right now.  There are other things I want to do inside, like paint the bookcases in the workroom, put a shelf up in the sunroom, fix up a bulletin board to go in the workroom, and maybe get some curtains - at least for the living room.  The curtains have not been a necessity since we have plantation blinds up in all the windows, but the windows would look a bit nicer with them up.  I just haven't gotten around to really shopping for them, because we all know exactly how much I enjoy shopping.
We'll get started on it Saturday.  Superman and my younger brother are coming over to help get some of it done, and some of it started.  My brother will be fixing the faucet and changing out the mower blades.  He's already spent part of this week sand-blasting, sanding and priming the custom shepherds crook he made for me about 9 years ago.  It needed to be cleaned and re-painted, so he offered to help me do it (he just wanted to make sure it was done right - after all, this is his handy-work :D).  I'll finish painting it Saturday. I also plan on painting the corner rack that sits on the front porch at the same time. Superman will help us pull/dig the plantings out of the front bed that I don't want there.  We probably won't do the planting 'til the washing is done Monday.  The front won't be pressure washed since it's brick, but they do need to get to the gutters there, so I'll just wait to re-plant the beds after that.
All-in-all, a whole lot of work, but I'm anxious to see how everything turns out. I'm going to try and get pictures of some of the before, during, and after work - that is, if I remember.:D


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  1. We redid our deck two years ago. Nice to have it done. Sure it will look great with all of the improvements.