Friday, April 16, 2010

Math, math, math

I'm seeing numbers, coordinate planes, fractions, line graphs, integers, angles, perimeters, circles, grids, triangles, and equations in my sleep.  Between helping the three younger girls with their regular math, helping my oldest struggle through her practical math course, guiding Ri through the rest of her advanced math, and tutoring my cousin through enough math to pass his GED, I'm going a little math crazy.
But...all is good.  Kay is still struggling, but most of her problems are not with understanding the various processes, but with simple mistakes in (usually) multiplication.  The more complex a problem, the more apt she is to make a mistake in a simple part of the problem.  Ri is doing well, but is on a little bit of an overload with everything (she's anxious to finish up).  After slowing her down a bit it's all going much smoother.  My cousin has passed the first of the three stage test process he must go through (yay!).   And, the younger girls are all doing fine, once you get them going.  Math is not a popular subject around here, but we will prevail.



  1. Becky.Sometimes my head spins just with the two I have now. I really admire you mums with lots of different age levels on the go at onec.
    I hope you can put your feet us with a cuppa at the end of the day and let your brain reat!
    Have a good week.

  2. Well, I normally rest on the weekends, but we had to do math Sat. since we're trying to catch up on a bit of stuff since my step-father's passing. I am blessed to have older children who can help oversee the younger girls' schoolwork.