Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ahhh....the sound all homeschooling mothers live for.  I've heard it several times the past few days.
The first time was when Kayla finally started to really grasp the math she's been working on.  I've heard it from her several times since then as I'm correcting her problems and they are turning out right.  Or just when she finally got a difficult one right.
Then there's the one I heard a little bit ago when I gave Ri an A+ on her report on New Zealand.  There was never any doubt that she would pass it; I guess she just didn't expect an A+.  I don't even usually give letter grades (it's always pass or fail here), but I really liked the way she wrote this one up.
Then there have been several YESSSSSSes from the younger girls as they have made strides through some of their more boring work lately.  I like to make work fun for them sometimes, but I don't like for it all to be fun.  Some things in life are just plain boring, so I think it does them good to tough it through some boring stuff on occasion.
So, all in all, things are going great in school right now. We've even nearly finished the Art History lessons, which weren't really a favorite with anyone.  I told them at the outset (you know, when everyone was whining, "Why do we have to study art?") that I had every intention of making sure that when they heard "impressionism" they didn't automatically think of a comic imitating other people, as opposed to a style of art.  I think we have at least mastered that.

On to other things...
We were going to put in a small garden bed this week, but hubby decided to have the outside of the house and the deck pressure washed.  Since the bed we're putting in is going to be next to the house it will have to wait until the washing is done.  I will most likely make this a flower bed next year, but I could only put in one new bed right now and veggies are more important.  If the weather is nice, they will be here the first Mon. in May, so we don't have to wait too much longer.  I also think the girls and I will stain and seal the deck once it's been washed.  I've often wished the deck was a darker brown.  I am also hoping to work on another bed this year, but it is an existing one in front of the house.  I've never really liked the arrangement in there, so if I'm able to, I will rip out and replace some of the plantings.  We did take out one of the rose of sharon bushes last year and replace it with a dwarf hydrangea, but that was because it had been planted too close to the steps and kept drooping over them. 

Well, I suppose I'd better run off now.  Come to find out Ri and I have different opinions on what slowing down a little in math is.  For me, it definately wouldn't be racing through one of my math books at break-neck speed, but for her I guess slow down just means something short of super-sonic.  It turns out that I have 19 MORE pages of math to correct today (and she just started this particular book yesterday!)  She said she feels a little like Baljeet (in Phineas and Ferb).  BTW - all the following is paraphrased.
Phineas - "What do you do when you're angry?"
Baljeet - "Math"
Phineas - "Okay, what about when you're sad?"
Baljeet - "Math"
Phineas - "And when you're happy?"
Baljeet - "Ma'ath!"
Phineas - "So every feeling you have makes you want to do math?"
Baljeet - "I do no know if it is so much cause and effect.  I just do a lot of math.  The feelings come and go."

I think I can relate too!!


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  1. Yuck! Math! Gag! lol.
    Yay Riah! What a way to get math done! Go girl, go! hehehe.
    Love ya.