Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stompin' my feet!

Things never go according to plan.  That's exactly what has happened so far this week.  If you remember, we were going to have the outside of the house and the deck pressure washed on Mon, then we were going to do some planting.  Wellllll, THAT didn't happen.  Oh, we prepared the front beds on Sat.  Superman helped us pull out all the plantings I didn't like and we weeded and raked the beds smooth.  Superman also moved some of the smaller bushes for me.  Everything looked great and ready to go.  And then the inevitable happened.  It rained on Monday.  I know, it was calling for rain, but still!  It only rained in the morning, and stopped way before noon, but the guy who was going to pressure wash called to reschedule anyway.  The problem is, he can't come again until next Monday.  The reason that is a problem is that nothing else can be done until the washing is done.  If we put it off that long, a couple of things will cause a problem.
1)The weeds will start sprouting again in the bed we just cleaned out.  We need to get the newspaper down, the mulch around the shrubs, and the dirt in the open places and get the flowers planted before it all has to be weeded again.
2)If he cleans the deck on Mon, we can't stain/seal it until Wed. (have to wait two days before you apply the stain to allow the deck to dry), and then only if it's not supposed to rain again for a couple of days after the stain is applied. It's supposed to rain on Wed, and the long distance forcast doesn't give me enough info to see if I can do it the following weekend.  Since nothing can be done around the deck until it's cleaned and stained, that will push off the planting.  We're borderline on the planting right now anyway.  I can't wait another two weeks to get plants in the ground, it will be getting too hot on too regular a basis. So, the decision was made to forego the pressure washing until after the growing season this year.  We'll just call him back in to do it sometime around Oct.  I don't really like that. I would have loved to see it all done, but it can't really be helped, not if we want some veggies this year.
After having made that decision earlier today, we began working in the front this afternoon after the house shadowed the beds we were going to be working on (no sense working in sunlight that'll just fry my pale skin to a crisp if I can possibly avoid it).  We got all the newspaper and cardboard down, and put out almost all of the mulch (well, all of it we had-we were one bag short...ugh!). Tomorrow we'll put in the dirt and plant the flower seeds, then we'll work on the back beds. 
I can't wait!!
I do have some photos, but I'll wait until I have a few more before I let you see everyone kind of happy at work!



  1. Sounds as though you have lots of Spring projects on the go!
    Look forward to seeing some photos of the finished jobs.