Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures soon, I promise

One job mostly down, a hundred more to go!
The girls and I finished the big bed in front of the house today. For all the protestations of both my dear hubby, and Superman, we fell short of flower seeds.  Twenty or so packets (actually, I can't remember how many we had, I just knew it probably wasn't enough) do not contain nearly as many seeds as they think.  We'll have to go out tomorrow to get a few more to finish the smaller bed under the garage windows.  I know that to my hubby it seems as though I've spent a small fortune on seeds, but only imagine what it would have cost to buy enough plants to cover the area. No area seems as big as it actually is until you have to start spending money on it! :D   At any rate, the bushes all have mulch around them, the one that was leaning the most has been propped up to the best of my ability, and the dirt and seeds have gone in.  One of the two trellisses has been put up as well.  I have to wait for hubby to get back in town and find his jig saw battery so I can cut the other one in half before I put it up.  I wish I could have gotten more done, but all of this was done today in addition to school, tutoring, Beenie's guitar lessons, and a trip to both the hardware store (for more mulch, among other things), and a mini trip to the grocery store; so I guess I can't complain too much.  I will admit to having to rein in the perfectionist/control freak  part of my nature in order to allow the girls to do some (actually most) of the planting.  I always have to do that. I know they really love it, and it's good for them to have a hand in it all.  I just have to remind myself that if the plants come up in disorderly looking clumps, it's not really all that important in the grand scheme of things.
Tomorrow I'll have to go back out to the hardware store again, to get more seeds, and then we'll start on the veggie, herb, and flower beds that will be in the back.  I should have some more photos by then, but the photos of the front bed will just look like dirt and a few bushes until things start growing, so I may not worry about "after" pictures of that until some of the flowers come up - and hopefully start blooming.



  1. It all sounds just splendid! I think the thrown together look is much more homey than everything just so.....I reckon your garden after pics will testify to that and the satisfaction for the girls will be enormous. Mind you, I carry that style through everything I do so I am not the best judge, perhaps :-) Notice you don't see gardening pics coming from my place.

  2. Thank you. I'm sure it will look fine, I just have a tendency to obsess about things. I guess my only real concern should be that the dirt we added is deep enough for the various root systems.

  3. Hey! Mom said it's fine that y'all stop by! I am so excited that I'll actually get to see you!!!! :)
    Oh! And Riah said she doesn't know who Lucille Ball is! And she's never seen "I Love Lucy"
    We need to team up and fix that! lol.
    I love you lots :D