Friday, May 7, 2010

Gardening Pictures

I apologize in advance for picture quality.  I took most of the pictures (when I remembered to take them at all) so...
Superman dug up these bushes, which had been planted in a straight line down this bed, and put them in a half circle between the two windows.  There is a trellis there now and I planted some sweet peas to climb up it. I have other flowers planted all around the bed. Next year I will have to see if my Dad can make me a bigger trellis though, the one I have is a little small for the space. I'm hoping it won't be as apparent once the flowers are there.

There was a lot of old weed mat to pull up. Here Beenie is bagging it up for us. While Bree and T.Lynn weed.

More weed mat, as well as old leaves and pine needles.  You can see my poor, leaning, rose of sharon to the right.  The one behind it leans too, but it's been there longer, so the limbs have started growing upward. I put a smaller trellis between these two windows to tie in with the other side.

Weeding, raking, digging; you name it, we did it.  Here Ri is finishing up around a dwarf hydrangea that is directly in front of her.

Here's T.Lynn cleaning out the "trench" we made to edge around the beds.  Behind her you can see the juniper, nandina, and variegated liriope that Superman dug out of the big bed.

Ri and Bree weeding.

Now, on to the back yard.

Here's the shepherd's crook my younger brother made me several years ago.

This is the hummingbird he made that tops it.  It's made from scrap decorative pieces that are used on iron gates and fences.  Except for the "beak"; that's a masonary nail.  It really needed the TLC that we (mostly he) did for it.  It's looking great again.

Bree and T.Lynn spreading the dirt out around the crook.  It's in a corner of the house where we'll be able to see the flowers (and everything else there for that matter) from both the  master bedroom and the sunroom.

Bree smoothing everything out while I tell Beenie where things will be planted.

Here we go.  I doesn't look like too much now, but there are flower seeds planted in back and herbs in front.  There's yet another trellis here, on the right that I planted painted lady under, and I put twine going up the crook for some climbing black-eyed susans. I do plan on planting cucumber to climb up the sunflowers that are planted on the back, left hand side, but that will have to wait 'til the flowers start coming up good.  I have another variety of cucumber already planted elsewhere.  This bed is a little bigger than it looks here.

Kay tucking in a little weed mat, just under the front edge, overlapping into the trench we dug there.  We hope this will help keep the weeds from growing up into the front of the bed.

T.Lynn planting zucchini.

Ri mulching some of the tomatoes and peppers with straw.

Ri, Bree, and Beenie extending the bed.  I didn't originally expect to make the bed go all the way around the deck (and it doesn't quite make it), but we had so much we wanted to plant;  I We couldn't help myself ourselves.  We finished up with the planting just after dark tonight.  Ri and Kay will finish putting down the straw and edging around the bed while I plant what needs to grow in pots; like mint - apple mint and peppermint.

Next week, more projects!



  1. These pics are great! I can't wait to see the after ones when you have plants up and eventually in flower. It looks as though it was a real team effort, too, which is always rewarding.

  2. It was very much a team effort, and the girls worked really hard. Superman has only one older sister, so he was surprised at how much the girls could get done, and how quickly. Between him, the girls and me, we had the bushes out/moved, the weed mat, leaves and pine needles pulled out, the whole thing weeded and the trench put in around the bed by 1:30 that Saturday.