Monday, December 20, 2010

Well then, he needs to run really fast!

I think T.Lynn sometimes forgets that Superman's main reason for visiting is to see her sister.  They could have been siblings for life the way they run around playing, wrestling and teasing one another. A few months ago, the two of them got into a huge tickling, wrestling match (in Superman's defense, it started when she tried to swipe his keys off his belt loop - again) that ended up with both of them on the floor trying to make the other one smell their feet. It's a good thing she was wearing pajama pants under her dress. At any rate, one of her favorite things is for him to throw her up in the air. WAY up in the air. The ceiling in the living room is 10ft. high at it's lowest point. I have no idea how high up it is in the peak, but I think Superman is doing his best to at least let her see the top side of the ceiling fan. She gets very high. It's a good thing I'm pretty laid back about that kind of thing. Note to self - NEVER let my mom see him do that.  After many months of being thrown in the air almost every time he came over, they decided to add a twist. She jumps off the the stairs and he catches her. They've worked their way up to more than halfway up the stairs. Of course, I'm not kidding myself to think they ever started on the first - or even the fifth step. I think they're up to the eleventh - I know she's jumped from the tenth numerous times. There are only 16 steps. I'm begining to believe the only thing that will keep them from going much higher is how far out it's necessary for her to be able to jump to clear all the steps. I'm glad she's little. I'm glad he's strong, but I do need to work on that absolute trust she's apparently placed in him. Not that I don't want her to trust him - I do, but there are limits to everything. When he was over a couple of days ago they were once again at the whole kid throwing thing. At one point he told her he was going to throw her, "...over that way.", indicating with a nod of his head toward Ri, who was, for the record, objecting. T. got a little confused (a side effect to all that rapidly changing altitude I'm sure) so I told her he was going to throw her to the left. Her response? "Well then, he needs to run really fast!"
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