Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"You are not driving Mom!"

"Just let me put my shoes on and I'll drive you."
I don't think you can prepare yourself to hear those words out of one of your kids mouths, but I guess you'll hear it sooner or later.  For me it was in this morning.
I had set a heavy board down, leaning it against the school desk, then turned around to grab something else and the board fell over on my foot. The rough edge scraped down the side of my foot after the flat part had finished mashing it, so my foot hurt pretty bad. Of course it would be my right foot and all the rushing around to settle things was because I was trying to get out the door to run a quick errand before Superman got here.
I could have driven. It would have hurt, but I could have done it. Actually, I know exactly how much it would have hurt because I had Ri switch places with me for a bit so I could drive over a spot that still had ice and snow on it. Suffice it say that while it was possible for me to drive, I'm just as glad I didn't have to.
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  1. :-(
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Thank you.
    Happy New Year to you too!!

  3. These words would have been so unfamiliar to hear, I can't image my how I will feel when this time comes for me.

    Have a most wonderful New Year Becky. xxxx