Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Christmas

That's right, a white Christmas. According to the news it was the first time snow fell on Christmas day in our area in over 60 years. We had a little snow on the ground last year at Christmas, but it was only a little left over from a rare, early snow we had the week before. The girls had made a big deal out of it, figuring they would never again see snow on the ground at Christmas. This time the snow started during the day and had everything completely coated before dark. Superman had come over early to open presents with us on Christmas morning and was planning on staying all day, but he ended up having to leave well before supper because the roads were getting pretty bad. He did manage to hang around long enough to have a snow ball fight with the girls though. Then they had another snow ball fight this morning with one of the neighbors' sons, who came down to spend Christmas with his family. I got a few pictures of the girls throwing snow at one another when they were cleaning it off hubby's car too. I'll see if there's a couple I can post tomorrow.
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