Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

So much is going on right now. 

First - Grandma's coming home! YAY!!  She had her feeding tube taken out today and she is schedualed to be released on Friday morning.  We've got a little bit of work to do tomorrow to make sure everything is ready for her, and we'll be making her favorite supper - pintos and cornbread - for her on Friday.

Second - My cousin has passed the math portion of his GED practice test and is being schedualed to take the regular GED test soon. Another YAY!!  Now we just need to work on his writing so he can pass the last portion of his test and get his GED.

Third - Regular school is winding down for us.  The girls will be taking their achievement tests soon, and then we'll be taking things pretty slow for awhile.  We don't really stop over the course of the summer, but we aren't very regimented (that's actually kind of laughable since we're never VERY regimented anyway) during the summer months.  We will take a couple of weeks completely off, but I'm not sure just yet when that will be.

Fourth - Our second big family get-together for the year will happen on the 12th.  We break up our family birthdays into just two birthday parties, one in Feb, and one in June; all other birthdays are celebrated at Thanksgiving.  This works well for us since more than 50% of the family (this includes extended family) have birthdays in Feb and June, with another 25% right around these months. It's almost like Christmas.  At any rate the party will be held late in the afternoon since Superman is graduating that morning.  Ri and I will attend his graduation and then run home and help Kay finish setting up for the party.

Fifth - Ri is also graduating on the 12th, at the begining of the birthday party. YAY!!!  Nothing really formal; just a few words spoken in honor of all her hard work, and the presentation of her diploma.

The 12th will be a very busy day.

Sixth - Kay should be able to graduate by the first part of July.  I'll hold the Yay and the offical announcement until we're a little closer, but things are looking great!
If all goes well with my cousin's writing test, that will mean that I'll be down to just three people to teach - I'm sure I'll find something to do with all the extra time :).

Seventh - At some point we'll be done with the spring cleaning - it may look a lot like fall before we're finished, but I'm sure we'll get done.  Maybe that's how some of that time will get filled.  We'll also be completing some of the projects we have going around here.  I should have some before and after photos of some of it before too much longer.

Eighth - Is there an eighth?  I don't think so.  Maybe I'll just relax and breathe.  Maybe.



  1. Congratulations on all of your graduates!!
    You sound as though life is extremely busy so I hope you do get some break over your Summer. So glad to hear that Grandma is on the mend and coming home.