Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Someone, please stop this crazy ride!!!

I just can't do it, but I have to do, so I will do it - even though I can't. 
That seems easy enough doesn't it?
No?  Well, just follow along if you can.
Grandma moved back in on Friday.  We are so glad she's back, but we are trying to schedual all the "initial consultations" with the various thereapists in what was already and incredibly busy week. 
We had our yearly acheivement tests to do, milk pick up on Tues, co-op pick up - which also came in yesterday, then we had to mail the test back to the testing service, and run a million other errands that have to do with normal, everyday life, and the ones needed to prepare for the graduations and birthday party on Saturday.
So far the tests have been completed and mailed back, and, of course, the milk and co-op orders have been picked up.  I've also run a couple of the errands and managed to take the recycling to the box site.  The initial consultations have been completed with the nurse and the occupational therapist.  We have a consultation with the physical therapist yet to do and I have to arrange a check with the cardio people.  I also need to find a beautician that can set hair on rollers, and get the home health people to come change out the footboard part to Gram's bed:it's not lowering properly.  I addition to all of that,we need to finish up regular house cleaning, try to finish up a couple of the projects we're working on, and I need to finish shopping for a few gifts and get the food for the party. 
See, nothing to it.
Except - I'm working on fumes.  Grandma can't do transfers from her bed, recliner and other furniture to her wheelchair without someone there with her (well, she CAN, but she shouldn't, it's just not safe), so someone has to go in there everytime she needs to get up - no problem during the day, but at night someone (me) has to get up everytime she needs to go to the bathroom.  This has ranged from as few as twice to as many as 6 times a night.  We are working on pain management (which is part of why I feel she's not sleeping well) and the diuretics she's on to see if we can't reduce the number of times she's waking up at night.  It makes for a very difficult night for both of us, and Grandma is virtually wiped out all the next day if she gets up more than twice during the night.  I would like to see her able to get up and join in with us for a bit more.  I'm hoping that once she's sleeping better she'll be able to putter around a little during the day.  She loves to putter around doing little things, or moving things around in her room, and she likes to be able to come in the kitchen and give a hand every once and awhile. 
So, for now, we'll just keep working like crazy to get everything done by Saturday. 


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  1. You do have a great deal on your plate. I just love the way you all love and care for Grandma. She is so blessed to have you to come home to. I am sure that the blessing she is to you also makes it all worthwhile. This is love in action and is very precious. May God grant you the grace and strength to manage everything. Oh, and maybe give you a bit more sleep, too :)