Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here are some projects I've been working on, and finished up last Friday.

These sit on my front porch.  There's nothing
really wrong with the two, white, plant stands,
but I wanted to paint the corner rack and bench
since they've seen better days, and thought that
while I was at it, I might as well make the stands match.

I got these brass pots from my mother.  I guess
other pots used to sit in these because there are
no drain holes in the bottom - a problem I had
my younger brother fix for me.  I also went back
to mom's and got another, smaller one to make
a complete set of three; it was in the worst shape,
but I didn't think to get a picture before working on it.

Here are the completed pots.  They all have
drain holes (since they will be used outside), and
I used a brownish, textured paint on them - a
hand-hammered finish made by Rust-Oleum.  I like 
them much better this way, and think they will make 
a very nice grouping once they are planted. Now, I
 just have to decide what to plant in them. 
The front porch - as you can see, this was taken
on Monday when the AC wasn't working :)
The things between the bench and the rack are my
hanging baskets for the front.  I have plants growing 
to put in them, but they aren't quite full enought to be
attractive yet.  I'll finish them up soon enough.

Only one of the stands is on the porch right
now.  The other is waiting for the pothos I just
replanted to be moved to the porch for the summer.

The bench looks much nicer now,

and so does the rack.  I painted the metal
and used Thompson's water stain/sealer on
the wood shelf.  I'll get around to putting things
on it a little later this week.



  1. Wow! Those are lovely! You do such nice work!

  2. Thanks! I was very pleased with the result.