Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please excuse my pity party

I'm sorry for that little rant yesterday.  I was extremely tired and was only at the computer because I was having to wait (very impaitently) for something in that side of the house.  I was also focusing on things I shouldn't have allowed myself to focus on; like my lack of sleep, and everything I had wanted to accomplish that day that hadn't gotten done, and everything else I still had to do.  You know, all the negative stuff.  I was probably pouting a little too.  Partly because I always hate it when my day gets off schedual, and partly because I didn't REALLY want to do anything yesterday. 
But, what I should have been concentrating on was all my blessings - and they are many:
Grandma is home - blessing enough in itself.  Ruby you are 100% right, having her here far outweighs any work that needs to be done.
We finished our achievement tests in record time this year.
Ri is graduating.  Here again, a lot of work in this last push to finish, but so worth.  Congratulations to you Ri!
Having the raw milk and the ability to go in with other people to get other, good quality food for your family is always a blessing.
Setting up for a party is always a bit of a hassle, but we can be thankful that we have the resources to celebrate in this way.
Another graduation to attend - all graduations are blessings.
The phone - it may have been driving me to distraction yesterday, but it's there when we need to get in contact with others.
And finally, my wonderful daughters.  Without them I would not have been able to accomplish a quarter of what has gotten done this week.  Not to mention the everyday stuff that I haven't even been at home to take care of.  Kay, especially, has put in a lot of the daytime care for Grandma when I've been busy with errands or the testing. Her help was indispensable.  Then to top it off, they fixed one of my favorite suppers, and desserts, for my birthday last night.
This is by no means an exhaustable list - another blessing in an of itself.
See - I really have nothing to complain about.  Yesterday was great and the rest of the week will be as well.



    I am so glad you were a little spoilt ~ you deserve it.
    I often need to play Pollyanna's Glad Game. It really does show us how blessed we are. The Lord is very gracious to bring us through every trial.
    Looking forward to hearing how the party went.

  2. Thank you Ruby. And you're right; the Lord is very gracious to us.