Friday, June 18, 2010

Pizza Night

We've always enjoyed an occasional pizza night, but now the pizzas are homemade.  Here are  some shots of the pizzas we had last night.

Bree chopped up the toppings for me.  We had
pepperoni and sausage to choose from too.

I used the basic recipe for "Healthy Bread in
5 Minutes a Day".  You can click on the name
and follow a link to their site.  I like it made up
into a regular loaf - it has a sour dough kind
of flavor, but it also makes a great pizza crust.
It's not light brown because I used Kamut flour
instead of hard white wheat.

Shaping the crust.  I stretch it out a bit by hand
and then finish pressing it out on parchement paper.
No, I haven't gotten the whole throw-it-in-the-air thing,
though Bree really wanted me to try my hand at it.   :)

A green pepper tried to escape while I was cutting
the "almost" supreme pizza.  We didn't have olives
and I forgot to put on the sausage, but never fear,
they still scarfed it down in record time. Don't ask me
why my hand is such an, ahh, attractive shade of -
what is that exactly?  Lavender? Blue..ish? Maybe
it's just ghostly pale. 

Ham and cheese, light on the sauce.  Beenie
and T.Lynn's favorite.

And pepperoni and sausage - my favorite.

We did another supreme (and yes, I remembered the sausage on that one), but we only put green peppers on one half - per Kay's request.  There were only 4 pieces of pizza left when the carnage was over.



  1. Yuuuuuuuuuummmmy! Good job. I can NOT get my kids to eat sour dough. We just make the basic wolfgang puck pizza crust--nothing healthy about it, but everyone likes it and Hud makes it for me.

  2. oooh. Yum!!! Always a favourite here! These look fantastic. Supreme would win the day for my family.