Saturday, February 26, 2011

Large Family Logistics

They are hosting a give away over at Regan Family Farm.  It is for the book "Large Family Logistics". Even with two of my children grown, and one of those two engaged (although both still live at home), I could still use pointers. Who of us doesn't? So, I'll be entering her drawing for this resourse. I can certainly hang onto it for my girls' use later on too.

I'll have to admit that I've not read this blog, but I did start reading her daughter's blog sometime ago because Ri hooked up to it. It sounds like a very sweet family, and being a sucker for cute little kids, I especially love the pics of their littlest one doing what kids do best - like when she nibbled the points of several of the heart cookies they made for Valentine's Day. :D.

Why don't you jump on over an check them out. I believe they will be holding the drawing on Sunday.
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