Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh...weren't they little just yesterday?

I tried to post at least the first part of this Saturday, but we kept having problems with our internet that (we hope) were repaired today.  Now I'm free (thanks to Ri's official announcement) to post the rest.

Our oldest daughter turned 21 on Saturday. Yeah, that's right 21! We took her out for her birthday at lunch on Friday though, because we were not all going to be able to go out to eat together on Saturday. She had shrimp scampi...yummm.
Then on Saturday, I went out and got her one of her favorite milkshakes; caramel coffee. She had already had her party. With so many that have birthdays so close together we have one big party, but try to do something a little special on their actual birthday.
It's hard to believe she's 21. We missed the first few years of her life, my husband not getting custody until she was five, but we have a few precious memories of when she was a baby - like her practically wearing her 1st birthday cake, ALWAYS loving lasagna, and absolutely adoring anything that had four legs (she still loves lasagna and animals, but can now eat her cake without wearing it :D). Thankfully there have been acres of memories since shortly after she turned five. She's grown from an adorable, bald-headed, little bundle of energy into a beautiful young woman (yes, she has hair now), and btw babe - gray eyes are gorgeous!
Happy Birthday honey!

In other news, Superman asked Ri to marry him Friday evening (Friday was busy!). He asked her father for his permission a few weeks ago and has been planning the perfect time to surprise her. He really wanted it to come out of the blue so he waited because she got a little suspicious after he had spoken with her father and started asking all kinds of questions. So after her curious little mind had quieted down (this took about 3 wks) he sprung it on her during a commercial break of one of T.Lynn's favorite shows, acting like he was getting up to go to the bathroom and then dropping down on one knee and proposing. She was touched that he was so courteous as to not want to disturb T. during her program. She was also terribly surprised and sat there for a second or to, as if she didn't know what to do. It was great! Now he's setting his sights on getting a home for them, she's freaking out a little about finishing up her hope chest, and I really need to get started on that quilt I want to make for them. Good thing I've been buying up yellow fabric every chance I had for the last 3 weeks. And she thought I was ridiculous for worrying about it so soon - ha!
Congratulations to you both!

It really was just yesterday that they were antagonizing one another when they should have been doing their schoolwork, or piling up pillows in the living room to jump into, or excitedly asking to hold one of their new baby sisters. Making tents in the dining room when it was too wet to play outside, playing with their new, plastic bowling set in the kitchen on Christmas morning, or spending hours walking around, one on each side of their newest baby sister, "helping" her learn how to walk. I promise you it was.
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