Monday, July 18, 2011

Just what I've always wanted to do.

Yeah, right.

I have to admit that I was secretly hoping that caulk was really viscous and difficult to squeeze out of the caulk gun. Then I would have begged asked Superman, or maybe one of my brothers to come do it for me. But alas, it's really easy to squeeze it out, so the girls and I removed and replaced all the caulk in the kitchen last week. Other parts of the job, like scraping off the old caulk, getting the hang of putting enough, but not too much caulk on, and smoothing it all out evenly, were not quite as easy.

If you're not exactly tall, reaching into the corners proves a little of a challenge as well. Ri opted for just laying on the counters. She was wiping any excess caulk off the countertop and backspash. Kay had taken over the scraping after I finished the first side, so with her scraping, me applying and smoothing the caulk, and Ri cleaning up, it didn't really take all that long to complete the job.

Pretty good for first timers, if I do say so myself. I do wish the caulk were a little darker. It appeared so at the store, but it isn't white so it will do. Plus, I don't plan on redoing it just because it's a little lighter than I thought it would be. With all the stuff back on the counters you don't really pay that much attention to it anyway.

The thing Ri and I disliked the most about the whole job was the feel of the caulking. We used a silicone for water resistance and because it also resists shrinking (which was why we were having to replace it), and it kind of had a greasy, sticky feel to it. Yuck!! I really hate for my hands to be/feel dirty in any way. Stickiness, in particular is something I have a hard time with, so I REALLY disliked the feel of it. Hence being unwilling to redo it just because the caulk was a little lighter than I would have liked. That stuff will just have to stay right there until it's absolutely necessary to replace it. And even then I might have to beg ask someone else to do it for me next time. It really does feel gross. Give me scales and fish guts any day - at least they're easier to wash off.
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