Saturday, July 23, 2011


I finished sewing together the blocks for Beenie's quilt.

I know - not the best picture. What can I say? Yours truly was too impatient to wait on someone else, who would have done a much better job. 'Someone' (hint, hint, Ri) can take a photo once it's finished.
I'd like to contine the smaller pinwheels into the border, but I'll have to see if I have enough of the brighter blue fabric left to do that. I sure hope so; I think it would be adorable with the little pinwheels overhanging into the border.

In other sewing, all three of the younger girls have decided to make homemade gifts for Ri's hope chest. Despite claims by Bree that hope chest items are taking over their room, and repeated objections to Ri bringing in more things, Bree's contribution was one of the first. T.Lynn made the very first; a nylon pot holder she made from a loom she received as a gift, but she also plans on making a decorative pillow for Ri's bed. We're still deciding on what Beenie will make.

The clothespins holder Bree made turned out very well. The project was a little more detailed than it appears because we had to re-invent the hanger. I like to use small hangers that swivel at the hook, but the only one we had that was the right size was a skirt/pants hanger; the type with the clips on the ends. To keep the clips from making the bag hang funny, or possibly (because of the weight of the pins) poke through the fabric, I wrapped the hanger in quilt batting and Bree sewed fabric around it. After that it was ready for the bag. Bree sewed across the corners of the bag so that they would be squared off, allowing the bag to fit perfectly across the padded hanger. The fabric is some that was leftover after making the petals for Ri's quilt, embelllished with a bit of leftover lace.

I plan on posting my favorite waffle recipe tomorrow or Monday. I love to make these for breakfast on Sunday.

Until then, have a blessed Lord's Day!
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