Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation's Over

Kind of.

We aren't doing school right now, so things are still pretty relaxed. We sleep late and take things at a much more leisurely pace. Like today. I didn't get up 'til about 9:00, which I appreciated greatly since I was unable to sleep in while the girls were gone. The neighbors were also going to be gone, so I had to get up each morning and see to their cat.

I'm glad the kids are back because someone has to help eat all the zuchinni and cucumber that are coming out of the garden. If you'll go back a few posts you'll see one I posted on a gardener's prayer. Boy, have I revamped part of that prayer. Specifically the part that askes for it to rain for a couple of hours every night. Trust me - that is a gardener's nightmare. We had rain every night last week and it's caused numerous problems. Of course I knew that much rain was too much, especially since most of those nights it wasn't a nice gentle rain, but nasty storms, with lots of wind, heavy rain, and lightening. We are now battling problems with rot, fungus, and powdery mildew. The tomatoes really aren't liking it. Some of the fruit is rotting on the plants and the plants themselves are starting to look a little poorly. My thyme has died of root rot, and part of my oregano, which was looking so nice before last week, has also died.

It's all okay though. As gardeners we expect this sort of thing. Some things will produce like crazy under the same circumstances that make other plants fail. We just do the best we can, and eat a lot of whatever it is we can manage to coax from the dirt each year. I may end up having to buy more tomatoes for my canning than I would have wanted, or hoped to this year, but it's not the end of the world. And until something else starts producing a little better, we'll just eat a lot of zuchinni and cucumber.
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