Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still sewing

Maybe I should just say, always sewing.

My sewing "in box" is officially empty.
See it sitting there, perfectly empty?
Yeah - that doesn't really mean much of anything. It simply means I have no projects (other than quilting, which has it's own basket and box) currently cut out, waiting for me to sew up.
I often cut out several projects at once so that I can just sit down and start sewing on things as I find the time. But I also cut out as I go, and I've done quite a bit of that recently.
I've finished sewing all the blocks for Beenie's quilt.
Now I just have to finish pressing the last two seams on the blocks and then I can start sewing the blocks together. The quilt will be a little on the large side for a twin sized bed, but I think I've mentioned before my distaste for having to tuck the sides of the sheets in, so this should hang down far enough to avoid that. I'm playing around with what I may do for the border around the blocks. I've got a cute idea in mind, but I want to see the finished size of the top first.
Hanging towels were one of the assignments I gave my sewing class. These were a couple of the last things to finish up in my in box.
Ri and I each made one of these pincushions as gifts recently.
And then there's Ri's quilt that I'm also working on.
I stacked several pieces of fabric together each time I drew the wedges, so everytime I cut I was actually cutting out several wedges.
The wedges were folded, right sides together and stitched across the top. Then they were turned and I used an old knitting needle to poke the little point out. The last step is to press them. Bree helped turn them and poke out the point and T.Lynn helped me lay them out to press.
Beenie, with a little help from T.Lynn, finished sorting them all out.
About 800 wedges (they're not all in the photo) - all finished and ready to sew together.
This is a rough preview of what each flower will look like.
Of course there will be a brown center in each one, but those aren't cut out yet.

There have been many other things that have been sewn - several skirts, including some that we made from blue jeans we bought at the second hand store for about $4.00, a painting apron for Bree and a couple of over the shoulder bags. And I do get around to mending things from time to time. :D

There's always something to sew.
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