Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our co-op order came in today.  Yay!!

The weight for the total order ended up being about 2,000 lbs., so hubby took all three of the younger girls with him when he took Beenie to her guitar practice, in order to free up both of the older girls for me.  My cousin was also available to help, as were two other kids from church (one's mom was heading up the whole thing).  They were very quick, and had the truck unloaded by the time the other mom and I could get things organized to start checking and splitting up the order.  There were a couple things missing from the order, but all in all, I think it went pretty smoothly.

This was our part.  We have 75lbs. of Kamut, 25lbs. each of soft white wheat, pinto beans, and popcorn, and 5lbs. each of thick rolled oats, kidney, red, and navy beans.  170lbs. in all, and the best part is that my portion of the shipping was less than $15.00.  Again - yay!!

I set out buttermilk to culture last night so I can start baking all kinds of yummy things.
I see pecan sticky buns in our future (as soon as we shell the pecans!).



  1. That is a great way to shop. I am wondering how many families are involved?

  2. Since I wasn't heading up the order, I'm not 100% sure, but it was at least 5.